Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Helping Hand Projects

Thanks to a welcome nudge and reminder from one of our new customers, Grandway has contacted our Humanitarian Manager and asked her to actively pursue the next several helping hand projects that will provide a direct benefit to women at risk.  We will post the new project as soon as it's completed!  Thanks again to C. F.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


HELPING HAND RECIPIENT: Xiomara Godoy is a newly single mother of 4 boys after her husband left them about a year ago. Xiomara sells tortillas to make ends meet for her family.
HELPING HAND NEED: Xiomara has 3 boys that are in school and is struggling to keep them in school to give them an education. Xiomara had a simple request and just wanted help buying more supplies to sell. We stocked her up on corn, tortilla’s, firewood and then put a small grocery store of eggs, soda, sugar and bread in her home.
 THOUGHTS FROM XIOMARA: “Thanks to God for you and all your help. This really means a lot to me, with this help I can sell more and get more profit to help with my children’s education. God bless you all and please keep helping more families like us.”


Monday, July 30, 2012


Helping Hand Recipient: Yolany Peralta heard of our organization and came to us asking for help. She is a 22 year old woman that struggles with two embarrassing problems since she was just a little girl. One condition unfortunately puts Yolany in diapers, causing her ridicule and embarrassment and causes people to turn away from her. She also has a neurologic condition of the feet that causes hammertoes, calluses, pain when standing or walking and unstable feet which often times leads to sprained ankles and many other problems.  The foot condition progressively worsens and is very painful.

Helping Hand Need: Some of Yolany’s needs were so simple but because of her and her mother’s financial situation they have been unable to attain some of these simple things. Yolany really needed some special orthotics, special shoes more incontinence supplies and they needed help with food. These requests were simple and we were happy to help.

Thoughts from Yolany: “ I am very grateful for all that my parents have been able to help me with growing up but after my father died it has been an even bigger struggle for my mother and I. Thank you so much for responding to my request and providing us with some things that we were in need of. I am so grateful, god bless all of you.

Monday, June 4, 2012



HELPING HAND RECIPIENT: Josefa Pastrana is 45 years old and has three daughters who are all in school. Josefa is a hard worker and runs a small business selling potatoes, bananas and onions.

HELPING HAND NEED: Several years ago, Josefa, could sell her grocery items in the street to make money to support her and her daughters, but recently she started to be affected by her osteoporosis. It became hard for her to walk even short distances so she started using a wheelchair to get around. Because she is not as mobile, it became impossible for her to continue selling her goods in the street.

Now she runs her business out of her house. Her neighbors were continually asking her for grains because there was no one close that sold those items. For Josefa to be successful and increase her business from her house, she needed to sell beans, rice and corn. While we were talking with Josefa we noticed other items that people were asking for that she did not have. We not only bought her beans, rice and corn but also spaghetti, seasonings, eggs, oil, salt and some sugar.

THOUGHTS FROM JOSEFA: Please tell the foundation owners that they will be blessed for doing all this to help the people of Honduras. Personally I am so grateful for this help. Now I can have more income and give my daughters education. God bless you and all your families. Thanks for your noble heart.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


HELPING HAND RECIPIENT:  Olivia Zelaya is a lady of 67 years old who loss her husband last year. She lives in a humble home and has for the past 13 years.  The owners of the house are allowing her to stay until build additional homes on the land.  To provide for herself, Olivia runs a small grocery store, and sales firewood. 

HELPING HAND NEED: While we were in her home we noticed how many people in the neighborhood appreciate her and they buy supplies in her small grocery store although there are others grocery around her. She does not make enough money to buy a lot of product to sell. It is also hard for her to stand for long periods of time or walk far distance because of injuries she suffered in an accident 3 years ago. In order to make her more money and for her neighbors to continue to buy from her store we felt that she needed additional products and more of what she is already selling.

THOUGHTS FROM OLIVIA: Miracles do exist and you are part of them. Maybe you do not realize the impact that this help has in our lives. I hope that you can always help people, families and children. I pray for you and I know that God will always bless you so that you can continue to help more people

Monday, April 9, 2012


HELPING HAND RECIPIENT:  Nicolas Perez is a 37 year old man with special needs. He was born with growth problem but is fully capable of understanding all that is going on around him. Nicolas resides with his 68 year old mother, Virginia. It is painful to see Nicolas struggle but it was an unforgettable and heartwarming moment to hear him communicate and smile.

HELPING HAND NEED: Nicolas and Virginia share a bed, but this bed it more than uncomfortable with no mattress on the bed. Virginia simply just needed a mattress. We also bought Virginia a supply of food to help with her small business where she sells fried banana slices.

THOUGHTS FROM VIRGINIA:   Virginia immediately started crying when we asked her thoughts on the mattress and food. “My only concern is to see that my son has enough to eat and that he is doing ok, I felt bad because I could not give him a comfortable place where he can sleep ... thank you for this help, thank you for the food and helping my business. I am already an old lady and I have fear to leaving my son alone someday, I work so I can have an account for him so the help to my business goes so far. Thank you and God bless you for help my little angel Nicolas.”

Monday, March 26, 2012


Prepared by: Isis
Gutierrez Family
HELPING HAND RECIPIENT:  With 5 children under the age of 12, Guadalupe and Lorena Gutierrez have a lot of responsibility to provide for their family and have the constant worry of being able to do so.  Guadalupe picks melons from 6am- 6pm daily with a daily wage of $4.00 per day, a wage that makes it possible to feed his family but does not leave extra income for other things that the family needs.

HELPING HAND NEED: We planned a visit to the family with the intention of buying all the children new shoes after seeing they were attending school in bath slippers, but after visiting the family home realized they had more needs that we could help out with. Once we arrived at the home we found out that the children were sleeping on the ground because of the lack of beds in the home. Our time with the Gutierrez family turned into a bit of an impromptu adventure as we took the family into town to shop for shoes for the children and also purchased some beds for the home. The children had never left home to explore the city so our shopping trip turned into a little family fun day as we spend the day out shopping, eating out, etc. We also bought a little supply of food to stock up their house for some needs in the future.

THOUGHTS FROM LORENA: “Nothing makes me happier than to see my kids happy. My husband is a good, hard worker and very responsible but the company he works for is seasonal and the money we receive does not cover everything to meet my children’s needs. I am so grateful for this help and for your willingness to help families like us.”